A new phase in the history of the Fairgrounds began.

It is not the mission of this work to give singular and complete histories os societies and lodges. The County Agricultural Society is closely identified with the progress of agriculture in Seward county from the days of its earliest settlement. Its benefits to all the leading industries of farming, fruit production and stock raising are beyond estimate. In fact it is difficult to understand what a farming and stock raising county or state could substitute to take the place of an agricultural society. It is true the society is composed of private individuals who have only a personal interest in the success of the enterprise. But so are the railroad companies and other companies, almost indispensable to public interest, and it is a fact that a rich county agricultural society is a positive indication of a prosperous community throughout the county.

The Seward County Agricultural Society was organized in 1871 and therefore may be classed among the pioneer enterprises of the county. Just who all have been prominent members of it I am unable to state, but its first officials were Milton Langdon, president, F.M. Ellsworth, vice president, T.F. Hardenburg, secretary, and George W. Standard, treasurer. And the names of W.W. Cox, James A. Brown, T.L. Norval and Joseph Lossee are connected with the early organization of the society.

The society has held fairs nearly every year since its organization, which have been generally satisfactory and are increasing in interest to the public. Their fair ground at Seward is second to none in Nebraska and is a beautiful park. The buildings are modern and elaborate in design.

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County Fair

Great Entertainment . Food . Events . Shows

In 1988, The Seward County Agriculture Society initiated plans to modernize the facilities of the County Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds occupy a beautiful setting along the Blue River in West Seward. With the blessing of the County Commissioners and the financial support of the taxpaying public of Seward County, a new phase in the history of the Fairgrounds began.

The first addition was the Ag Pavilion; this large structure opened in the 1990’s and has been the heart of the annual county fair, home to large public and social gatherings, and equipment/craft displays.

In 2001, the Ag Society’s attention focused on the 4-H livestock facilities. The new all steel, low maintenance facility complete with a show arena, sound system and modern livestock penning system was the highlight of that year’s fair.

2003 marked the completion of updates specific to the 4-H and FFA programs with the opening of the 4-H Center. The building, previously known as the Show Pavilion, is now publicly utilized most weekends throughout the year.

Outdoor entertainment for the fair received a boost in 2006 with the updating of the west grandstand and the construction of a new 700 seat grandstand with restrooms on the east side of the arena.

These improvements punctuate 20 years of unprecedented cooperation between the Ag Society, County Officials, and Taxpayers of Seward County. The benefit of these improvements to the people of Seward County is defined not only by the utilization of the facilities in the recent past but also by as yet undefined purposes in the future.

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Our Mission

Promoting Agricultureal Values & Education

The mission of The Seward County Agricultural Society is to promote agriculture improvements and advancements in Seward County. The major objective of the Ag Society is to produce on an annual basis the Seward County Fair, for the purposes of promoting agricultural values and education, 4 H, and FFA, in a family oriented atmosphere, for all county residents to participate in.

Seward County Ag Board Physical Address:

Seward County Agricultural Society
P.O. Box 469
Seward, NE 68434


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